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Blog Post: Choose one

  1. In “Why I am Not a Painter”, Frank O’Hara compares his work as a poet with that of his friend, painter Mike Goldberg.  How does he compare his poem “Oranges” with Mike’s painting “Sardines”? How does O’Hara discuss his creative process in his poem? How is it similar to his friend, Mike’s creative process? Now go back to the title of this poem. For O’Hara, what is the difference, if any, between being a painter and a poet?Use evidence to support your claims.
  2. In “Having a Coke with You,” O’Hara mentions a number of paintings and painters  in this poem, Polish Rider, Nude Descending a Staircase, as well as Leonardo (DaVinci), Michelangelo, Marino Marini, the Impressionists, Futurism. Look two of these references up online (you can quote from or even show us an image) and discuss why you think O’Hara refers to them in his poem. What are possible connections between the art references and the person O’Hara is writing to, the “you” of the poem?Use evidence to support your claims.
  3. The Lady in “The Day Lady Died” refers to Billie Holiday, a famous jazz singer. Analyze the journey that the speaker takes in the poem both physically and in terms of the consciousness of the speaker. What kind of journey is this? Where does he start, and where does he end up? What significance do a few of the places he mentions have? What kind of voice do you hear, and what impact does this voice have on you, the reader? Use evidence to support your claims.

Ask two debatable questions.

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