Blog Post Due Weds 3/25 @ 6pm (Commentors by 12am)

Choose one.

1. In Part I, Ginsberg writes, “[T]o recreate the syntax and measure of poor human prose and stand before you speechless and intelligent and shaking with / shame, rejected yet confessing out the soul to conform to the rhythm of thought in his naked and endless head,  / the madman bum and angel beat in Time, unknown, yet putting down here what might be left to say in time come after / death,” (1). What do you see him addressing at this moment in “Howl”? Break this down— question, wonder, think through possibilities. Point out particular images, poetic tools he is using here. Two debatable questions, please.


2. Part II focuses on this entity named Moluch. Given the kind of imagery Ginsberg uses, what/who would you guess this is? How does Moluch contain contradictions? Use evidence to support your thinking. Two debatable questions, please.




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