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Blog Posts due 6pm 3/18 (Commentors by 12am)

Blog Post: Choose one In “Why I am Not a Painter”, Frank O’Hara compares his work as a poet with that of his friend, painter Mike Goldberg.  How does he compare his poem “Oranges” with Mike’s painting “Sardines”? How does … Continue reading

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Adherly’s Post

In his poem “America,” Claude McKay establishes the largest tension that existed in the United States in the 1920s: freedom and oppression. He states “Giving me strength erect against her [Americas] hate” (6). This presents the tension within the poem … Continue reading


Blog Posts due 3/16 @ 6pm (Commentors @ 12am)

Each of the three poems you’re assigned for Tuesday’s class responds in a variety of ways to America. Choose one of the three poems and discuss an important tension or problem that you’ve identified. Use evidence to support your claims … Continue reading

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Blog Post due 3/11 @ 6pm (Comments 12am)

Blog Post: Choose one In “Jazz as Communication,” Hughes discusses Jazz in relation to the Blues and Rock&Roll. Locate at least three moments where Hughes defines Jazz (Jazz is….) and discuss the imagery Hughes is using. Where does the imagery … Continue reading

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Blog Post Due 3/9 @ 6pm (Commentors 12am)

Blog Prompt: “If I Told Him” is Stein’s poem about her relationship with Pablo Picasso, her close friend. Using your reading journal, read this poem aloud and share with us a few of your reactions. Read a second time and … Continue reading

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Blog Prompt: Posters due 2/18 by 6pm (Commentors @ 12am)

Choose ONE prompt to which to respond: Choose one poem and discuss the speaker’s relationship to death. What kind of relationship is this? Please quote from the poem at least twice to support your claim. Continue to draw from the … Continue reading

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Aiyanna’s Blog Post

Emily Dickinson’s “It was not Death, for I stood up” at first glance to be a poem about death or rather what death feels like. Throughout the poem Ms.Dickinson describes how the event the speaker experienced could not have been … Continue reading


Blog Posters due Mon 2/16 @ 6pm (Commentors at 12am)

Choose ONE prompt to which to respond: Dickinson’s poetry is infamous for how cryptic and quixotic it can be. Choose one of the the two poems and discuss what is strange about it. Think about choice of vocabulary, use of … Continue reading


Blog Posts due Mon 2/9 @ 6pm (Commentors by 12am)

Choose one of the prompts to which to respond: What kind of self do you see represented in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “The Raven”? How does he compare/contrast with the self in Whitman’s “Song of Myself”? Please use evidence from each poem … Continue reading

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Song Lyric Response Prompt

Please type up no more than one double spaced page in response to these questions. You will turn this in to me on Tues 2/3. 1. Why did you choose this particular song lyric? What makes it important to you? … Continue reading

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