Blogging Info + Schedule

Blogging Schedule 

T 2/10: Rani, Steven, Bella

T 2/17: Aiyanna, Steven, Yoni

Th 2/19: Rahul, Deborah, Bella, 

T 3/10: Marc, Miriam, Yoni

Th 3/12: Aiyanna, Debra

T 3/17: Tara, Mika, Adherly

Th 3/19: Rahul, Miriam

T 3/24: Marc, Max, Tara

Th 3/26: Deborah, Reinold

T 3/31: Rani, Rachel

Spring Break!

T 4/14: Max, Mika

Th 4/16: Conor, Reinold

T 4/21: Conor, Kaylin, Debra

Th 4/23: Georgie, Rachel, Jeremy, Kaylin

T 4/28:  Jeremy, Adherly, 

Th 4/30: Kaylin, Jeremy



This class relies extensively on technology so you must have regular computer and web access. Throughout the course I will be posting announcements, readings, occasional journal prompts, links, etc. on to the course blog. 

The URL for the course blog is:

The password for protected pages is: lyrical

This blog will be accessed through You are expected to have an active QC email address that you check at least once a day because that is the address used by It is your responsibility to contact the OCT help desk to make sure that your email account is in working order.

 To blog, you must visit and sign up for a username. Remember that you must use your QC email. After creating a username, you should log into and visit the course blog ( On the right-hand side bar there should be a box titled “Add Yourself to Blog.” You should input the password (lyrical) and you will be added as an author on the site. This will allow you to post new entries and comments.


For almost every class, students will be expected to make a contribution to the course blog either as a poster or as a commenter. The general guidelines for effective posts and comments are listed below:


  1. Posts: Throughout the semester each student will be required to generate two blog responses (each worth 3% of your final grade), which should be uploaded onto the course blog by 6pm the day before class so other students will have ample time to comment. Responses should be well thought out and organized, but do not have to be written as formal papers. Posts should be around 300-600 words After we discuss MLA formatting, all quotations should be cited accordingly. (A sign-up sheet for blog response dates will be circulated within the first two weeks of class).
  2. Comments: During classes where you are not responsible for writing a blog entry, you are expected to comment on someone else’s post. These comments should demonstrate an engagement with other students’ ideas and/or questions. For this reason, commenters are expected to quote at least once from either the original blog entry or any other preceding comments on the page. Comments should be about 50-150 words in length and must be posted no later than 11:30pm the day before class. Comments will be evaluated not individually, but collectively for a total of 4% of your final grade.


In addition to writing posts and comments, your blogging grade also includes a presentation/discussion leader component. Students who are acting as posters for a particular set of readings are also expected to act as in-class discussants for that day. These are informal presentations. Students should speak to their blog post (you will need a copy of it in front of you). Discussants should also have read the comments on their blog post and come to class prepared with at least two comments or questions about particular agreements/disagreements or simply comments they would like to explore more to help stimulate class conversation. (We will review specific question types within the first two weeks of class). Discussant presentations are worth 2.5% for each response for a total of 5% of your final Participation grade.


*I will not accept any late blog responses, comments or discussant presentations. These cannot be made up so remember to check your own schedule before signing up for response dates. Let me know well in advance (at least 1-2 weeks beforehand) if you will be absent for a particular class and cannot complete the assignment so we can try to reschedule.

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