Poet Sources/Poetic Conventions

Terms that will be on the 3/27 TestPoetic Conventions

Here is a helpful and concise overview of some of the essential poetic terms: Poetic Conventions

Want to quiz yourself on your knowledge of prosody just for fun? Quiz This isn’t supposed to be easy. For anyone!

Rapgenius.com also hosts Litgenius where people go to annotate poetry online (for fun or because their teacher/professor asked them to).  Litgenius

With these sources, you can find biographical and contextual information on our poets along with more poems and criticism:

American Academy of Poetry: For  information on all our poets

Poetry Foundation: For information on all our poets


Modern American Poetry: For information on 20th Century poets

Incredible source for poetry, visuals and more: Ubuweb

Algorythm-generated iambic pentameter: Pentametron


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